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Craft Time - Make your own Wings!

September 12, 2015


You don't have to wait until Halloween to dress up!  Make your own wings... Fairy, bat, bird, you decide!


You will need:

A Cardboard Box

A Scissors


At Least 4 Feet Of Elastic

A Sharp Pencil

And... whatever you need to decorate and make your wings your own.  Suggestions:  Feathers, Lollipop Sticks, Match Sticks, Paint, Glitter... Use your imagination!!


Tip: If you don't have a cardboard box handy, just come in and ask us for one, we usually have some around!!


1)  Draw the shape of the wings you want on the cardboard with your pencil.

2)  Cut around the shape.

3)  Take the pencil (make sure its sharp!) and use it to poke 2 holes on either side (1 about a foot above the other on each side)  these will be the holes you will thread the elastic through to put your arms through.

4)  Cut 2 lengths of elastic 2 feet long each.  Thread each through the 2 holes on either side.  Double knot each one to keep it in place.  Get someone to knot it for you when you have the elastic around your shoulders so you have it tight enough and then you can cut off any excess.

5) Use your imagination time!! Decorate your wings as you wish!! We have a million craft things available in store that you can use to decorate, and they are all at the best value!!


We love the image above taken from an amazing blog 'Mer Mag', all about creative play.  Click the image to look around the site!

There are also so many variations on this that you can find on Pinterest - think wire hangers and cling film, felt on felt and more!

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