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Tickets nearly sold out to the most disappointing show on earth

September 11, 2015

Perfectly à la Banksy, the creation of Dismaland was created in secrecy and unveiled recently as a masterpiece of sarcasm and commentary on our need for mindless escapism in the form of popular entertainment at a disused lido in sleepy seaside town Weston-super-Mare.



The immersive art show was curated by Banksy, who handpicked over 50 artists from around the world to make original pieces for the space.  The show takes the opinion that 'theme parks should have bigger themes', and challenges audience members to think more deeply about how they are entertained.  


However, there is a great deal to be said for engagement here - Banksy has created a world that references things we know and understand, and asks questions about it through the de-construction of the known.  He has created a post-modern art exhibition which is not only accessible to the masses, but is specifically targeted to the masses (Banksy stated that is was an "art show for the 99% who would rather be at Alton Towers), which should mean commercial success!  Now, whether he has made a profit or a loss from his investment (the project was self-financed by the notoriously

anonymous artist) is unknown, but at the time of writing, tickets are sold out until September 21st.  So, you better book your tickets before the most disappointing show on earth packs up permanently on September 27th.

We're absolutely fascinated by this experiential immersive festival/art exhibition and its intrinsic link to place, and the amazing collaborations that have happened as a result of this method of curation.  Banksy said himself that looking at art in museums is boring, and that the worst context for art is other art!



So with that in mind, we would love to hear from you by Facebook or Email if you are 

broadening the audience for your art through experimenting with alternative methods of making or presenting your work, and we may even feature you in the next newsletter!


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