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Spray with Liquitex

June 30, 2015

The following link is a fantastic video depicting the process of graffiti artists making over an abandoned warehouse when given an unlimited amount of paint to play with!

Want your new word for the day?  PALIMPSEST:  traditionally meaning the erasing of an old manuscript to be reused.  However in the broader sense think of the layers of the Mona Lisa, and if you watch the video below we’re sure you’ll see a very contemporary version of palimpsest.


If you want to make your own creations and you don’t happen to own your own wall grab some MDF from the hardware or pick up one of our canvases and some of our Liquitex Spray Paint.



It’s acrylic spray that can be easily used and mixed with acrylic paint or our acrylic based inks for multimedia work.  Plus, it doesn’t have any of those nasty fumes so you can eve

We thought that with Banksy’s unofficial residency in New York last year, and his new work with Dismaland this would be a fab time to see some new spray artists emerging.  You can even use it indoors!


We even have packets of nozzles that you can vary the size of the spray with!






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