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We Love Beanie Boo's!

May 1, 2015

TY Beanie Boos are the latest craze!  We can’t keep them on the shelf… While they look a

little “bush baby” with their wildly large eyes the kids love them.  


We have stocked TY Beanies since back in the 90’s even before the first craze hit!  TY have now come out with the “Beanie Boos” and it seems the craze for collection is just as manic as it was 20 years ago.  TY products are durable, brightly coloured and super soft – a brilliant combination, which may be the key to TY’s success over the years.


A perfect idea for a young girl and as there are several price bands due to different sizes they are a great adaptable present idea.  Once you get past their surprising appearance they really are quite cute!




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