Cluedo Liars Edition Board Game


6 Shady Suspects. One Murderer.

Play the detective in this honest-to-goodness murder mystery game where everyone is a suspect, no one can be trusted, and some people lie. Move from room to room suggesting who did it, what weapon was used, and in which room the murder took place.

Lie to Reveal the Truth....Sharpen deception skills with Lie cards. Players choose one of the actions on the Lie card to read out loud. They try to be convincing and make others think they are telling the truth.

Liar Liar! Think another player is being dishonest? Hit the Liar button and call them out for it. They have to reveal the card to prove that they were telling the truth…or maybe they weren't. Either way, there are consequences.

Make an Accusation....Know whodunit? Make an accusation. But be careful…each player only gets one accusation per game.